Overview of Our Services

With years of experience, Stripes & Stops provides signs for streets and highway safety. We also have products which can be used for safety and caution in parking lots and airports. Our specialization lies in installation of roadway striping, which includes traffic markings. We use water pressure to remove any types of pavement markings from concrete, without affecting the surface.

Our Team

Our team of experts will carry out a thorough assessment to see what is necessary at your site. At Stripes & Stops, our reliable crew not only maintains our project timelines, but also excels in staying organized with live traffic and weather challenges. We assure the most efficient delivery of service and also the highest quality workmanship possible.

Our Services

  • Pavement Marking Installation and Removal

    With our equipment and expert crew, you can count on Stripes & Stops for a quality marking job. We provide marking services from private roads to highways. We also provide preformed thermoplastic (Hot Tape).

  • Traffic Control Rental

    At Stripes & Stops, we rent our items for lane closures, road closures, detours, and traffic shifts on all roadways. All the necessary signs and items are available for maintenance of traffic.

  • Sign Manufacturing and Installation

    At Stripes & Stops, we manufacture and install temporary and permanent signage. Our signage products are designed in such a way that they meet local government agency requirements and private property specifications.

  • TMA (Crash Truck) Rental

    At Stripes & Stops, we guarantee to provide well-maintained equipment. Our fleet is one of the reasons we have an excellent reliability record. Currently, we have rented out 21 trucks in total.

  • Stencil Manufacturing

    The most common method for applying road markings is with a stencil. At Stripes & Stops, we manufacture pavement stencils.

  • Road Striping and Water Blasting Removal

    At Stripes & Stops, we help to remove paint and rubber from highways and streets by using the water blasting method.

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