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Stripes and Stops

“Safety should never be a priority. It should be a precondition.” – Paul O’ Neil

Stripes & Stops offers a wide range of safety services in and around Houston, TX.  When it comes to doing pavement markings or parking lot, airport, and roadway striping services, we can provide the right solutions to issues you have.

From pavement markings to traffic control rental, from TMA rentals to water blasting removal – no matter what the scope of the project is – Stripes & Stops can do it!  You can rely on us from start to finish for customized services.

Our Mission

Stripes & Stops Company, Inc. is continuously working to provide the latest products to improve work zones on our streets and highways.  As a manufacturer and distributor of work zone equipment, materials, and supplies, our product line will continue to grow as the need for safety becomes more important for our friends and family on the road.  We are dedicated to making work zones safer and more visible as the need increases.

Stripes and Stops

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